Live Broadcast & VR

We cover a wide range of live broadcasting events. Using the latest technology and broadcasting equipment. Our team of specialist can broadcast your event via many platforms. Do you require a live event and want it captured and pushed globally to your market? Do you need to send a message and be creative to attract your audience?

Have you ever wanted to stream your event live? We can deliver what you want?

Call us today to discuss your brief and we can propose your whole plan from start to finish. Let the specialist do the work.

• Live streaming
• Live Facebook
• VR Advertising
• 3D special effects
• Animation
• Virtual Reality

Video Production 2D, 3D & 4K

We have our in-house video production team that can work to any brief, we have a global client base and have a trained and qualified team who never seize to amaze us with the creativity and innovative ideas that just keep flowing. We specialise in Live events, Festivals, music videos, Commercials. A project is never out of touch. Let our work do the talking and you will see for yourself.

360 VR Filming

We are experienced in filming dynamic 360 VR video both in the Air and on the Ground. With years of testing, experimenting and making sure our work stands out from the rest. It sure does that! Arrange a pilot shoot and allow us to show you how we do it. Using the latest in technology with a creative team to take your filming to new levels.

Aerial Filming

We have CAA approved pilots with a passion for high impact aerial footage. We film in up to UHD 8K and with a track record of getting hard to obtain permissions and permits. We always aim high it’s what we do.

Custom Drones – Made in house.

We do not just fly drones, we build them too. All in house with our special techies. Whether it is a novelty drone for a PR stunt or for a specific industry purpose we can manufacture a bespoke drone to your specifications. Just tell us what you want the outcome to be and we will custom build our drone to work for you.