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Putting our Minds, Hearts & Souls into ‘your’ Events!

We do the boring stuff really well too. Ensuring protection of both our clients, and their highly valued clientele, creating environments for good safe events. This includes consultation with all responsible authorities & partners and composition and submission of all documentation required with the full understanding to do so. Vast experience gained within multi type events enables us to conduct your business with the confidence of you and all associated agencies.

A Fully bespoke planning & execution service where you can pick which components you need. One of the below through to a fully comprehensive service with on-call response 24-7-365, who works 9-5 in this industry!

We are professionals in activation, event management and festival production focused on quality, safety & budgets. We work with our clients to create and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Live events excite and engage making them the most effective form of communication to our client’s audiences, we are talented specialists who deliver exceptional creative-led experiential activations in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. Trusted by our clients for planning and delivering highly creative bespoke events with service excellence from start to finish.

Health & Safety

Our H&S Team have vast experience delivering projects in many arenas including The Olympics & Formula 1 amongst many others.

Full Event & Festival Project Planning Service

From an arena at Glastonbury to a pop-up activation for a Fashion Brand we have the capability to deliver any size of event in the most usual or unusual locations.

Plant & Infrastructure procurement

Benefit from our years of experience and allow us to share with you our approved contractors list who deliver both quality of service and value for money.

Event & Site Management

It’s no good creating the best event if you can’t put it together! Yes, we can!

Production – Stage, Sound, Light, Special FX

We recognize the importance of the best aural and visual quality and more importantly understand how to deliver this on all levels whether it be a temporary or permanent solution and within any environment. From muddy fields, to forests, to cathedrals, to castles, to churches, to stately homes, to bus depots, to monasteries, to warehouses, to shopping centers, to underground nuclear bunkers.

Bars Operation & Licensed Activations

Total bar service solution for any size of event delivering both the highest standards of service and a memorable experience for your customers for the right reasons. We also supply Personal License Holders, Bars Managers and key staff ensuring all legal responsibilities and license conditions are observed and complied with. Tech solutions for EPOS include Cashless & RFID.

Budget Management

Exactly what it says, we manage your budget or in partnership help you to achieve your financial targets. We like saving you money more!


Design & Print

All the components of the 'creative hub' enable us to work closely in consultation and delivery of the brief designed in partnership to achieve your expansion strategy. We excel in delivery of bespoke campaigns using innovative skills, regardless of size.

Image and the presentation of your brand is everything. Our team of designers offer both fresh and innovative design and more traditional layouts for diverse needs. Paired with high quality & value printing costs we offer the visualization service you need.

Design & Build

We have a partner business with over 20years experience specializing in full service creative production for live events & brand activations for global brands in over 30 countries. From stage & club production for the world's biggest music brands, through to experiential activations for alcohol, sportswear and technology brands, with an extensive portfolio and experience to match. We bespoke solutions to our clients' individual needs with consultation at each stage, from conception, through to build, delivery and execution. Design & concept realization. Embracing unusual or challenging ideas and executing custom installations & productions. No matter how unique a concept, we will find a way to make it a reality.

Photography & Video

Our team of photographers are suitable and highly skilled for all types of events and work to the most diverse of briefs from corporate functions, weddings, media support & high energy live shows. Our videographers produce the videos that make us the go to media company for high profile brands and corporate clients and a whole host of live event brands and festivals. Examples of our projects are available upon request.

Web & Apps

Design of mobile marketing solutions enabling you to engage with your existing & target consumer. Users are accessing and interacting with your brand through their mobile smartphone or tablet device. Are you maximizing this? Contact us for a free consultation.

See Humongous Events for:

 Broadcasting
 Live Streaming (including on Social Media i.e. Facebook Live)
 Virtual Reality (360) + Live Streaming
 Post Production
 Wi-Fi Monetization

Marketing & PR

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Marketing & PR

We understand the positive impact of using all new media and associated tools to enable our clients to grow their business and to maximize reach to their target demographic. Dynamic web marketing strategies and our social media expertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube & more enables us to grow our clients business.

Audience-led Marketing Solutions

Connecting brands with the right audience at the right times using both programmatic & traditional media. Manage a range of programmatic solutions and give our clients access to all available global inventory from all open exchanges. Across display, paid social and video on demand our team of industry experts implement sophisticated audience-led methodologies and build bespoke campaign strategies on a client by client basis. Our media team are experienced in planning traditional media. From TV to Outdoor to Press and Radio our objective approach ensures every client has their campaigns planned against audience insights rather than agency trading agreements. We track the uplift from traditional media and model our campaigns on the strength of this data. We would of course sync all activity and take the lead from yourselves on this aspect of the campaign from asset creation through to delivery.


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Event Wi-Fi

As more people, companies and organizations want to connect safely and securely to one another, we aim to become the conduit for every connection they make. Providing a reliable Wi-Fi connection in a high-density environment like a corporate trade show is far from easy. A quality Wi-Fi connection requires an experienced team of network engineers using the latest technological equipment to achieve success. Using our technical expertise and hardware we connect people across world to the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a VIP hospitality party, business conference or a racing circuit day, we can give your special event a superb Wi-Fi experience. Offering a reliable Wi-Fi service to venues, businesses and event companies, we have the skills and resources to get you connected at extremely short notice. We can get you online wherever you are hosting an event. From a rural village party to a business conference in a major European city, our Wi-Fi service is secure, fast and thoroughly reliable. We have helped Previous clients deliver the above at indoor & outdoor events, festivals, forest events, conferences, hospitality suites, media centers, pop-up commerce for EPOS, broadcasting & webcasting


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• Talent Management & Advice Service
• Curation & Placement of Talent into Events, matching the right act with the right audience. Get in touch for a chat!
• We have vast experience in managing venues and currently manage and consult to several high-profile venues in the UK.
If you have a venue or space and would like to discuss using it to its full potential, then please get in touch. We work with both licensed & non-licensed venues and have also provided licensing consultation to numerous venues to achieve successful granting of premises licenses.

Humongous Events

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We cover a wide range of live broadcasting events. Using the latest technology and broadcasting equipment. Our team of specialist can broadcast your event via many platforms. Do you require a live event and want it captured and pushed globally to your market? Do you need to send a message and be creative to attract your audience?

Have you ever wanted to stream your event live? We can deliver what you want?

Call us today to discuss your brief and we can propose your whole plan from start to finish. Let the specialist do the work.

• Live streaming
• Live Facebook
• VR Advertising
• 3D special effects
• Animation
• Virtual Reality


We are experienced in filming dynamic 360 VR video both in the Air and on the Ground. With years of testing, experimenting and making sure our work stands out from the rest. It sure does that! Arrange a pilot shoot and allow us to show you how we do it. Using the latest in technology with a creative team to take your filming to new levels.


We have CAA approved pilots with a passion for high impact aerial footage. We film in up to UHD 8K and with a track record of getting hard to obtain permissions and permits. We always aim high it’s what we do.

CUSTOM DRONES Made in-house

We do not just fly drones, we build them too. All in house with our special techies. Whether it is a novelty drone for a PR stunt or for a specific industry purpose we can manufacture a bespoke drone to your specifications. Just tell us what you want the outcome to be and we will custom build our drone to work for you.

Video Production 2D, 3D, 4K

We have our in-house video production team that can work to any brief, we have a global client base and have a trained and qualified team who never seize to amaze us with the creativity and innovative ideas that just keep flowing. We specialise in Live events, Festivals, music videos, Commercials. A project is never out of touch. Let our work do the talking and you will see for yourself.

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